The School District 13 Haunted Attraction is in its second year now in 2015, but one of the reasons why we’re the best in the area is because we’ve been operating commercial haunted houses for years. We owned and operated Cornstalk Haunted Attractions for 7 years before moving the event to Brule, Nebraska where it fits nicely in the rural community setting amidst the corn and the cows.

We’ve visited most of the other haunted attractions in Nebraska on the both the eastern and the western end of the state. In the east, commercial haunted houses have a higher population of people, but they encounter other, bigger problems at their event as a result. One of the reasons why our haunted attraction is the best, even in this rural setting, is because we can take more theatrical approach to the haunt.

It seems simple, but it’s not. Mystery Manor in Omaha, Nebraska uses theatrics to make their haunt magnificent. They bring in only the best haunt actors and they’ve used all the latest and greatest haunt bling to stay on top. Here in Western Nebraska, we have less bling, but our setting is superb. Is there anything creepier than a dimly lit street crawling with zombies and the undead? In Omaha, they can’t haunt the whole town, but in Brule, we can.

Our haunted attraction isn’t just one haunted house, or even three haunted houses, it’s an experience. At times (you never know just when it will happen), creatures from the dark side spring to life and haunt the whole town. Patrons are whisked from haunt-to-haunt via the Hay Rack Ride and back streets are explored by train. School District 13 is designed to be an activity that entertains for the whole evening. Bring the family, eat dinner, sit for a while.

This year, we’re adding G-RAVE to the mix to give the haunted attraction yet another layer of coolness. At G-RAVE, patrons will be able to dance in a dark, foggy, technotronic setting to music that’s been chosen for it’s ability to induce a trance. Trance-dancing is popular in bigger cities as a therapeutic activity that helps people work out anger, depression, and other negative feelings. It’s harmless and it helps. The dance floor is an anonymous place because dancers are only dimly lit by the bling of their choosing (everyone has to be wearing at least one light, but more lights are acceptable). Techno trance dancing is a solitary activity, but one that takes place in a room filled with other solo dancers. There’s no pressure to find a partner. The fog, the darkness, and the incessant beat envelopes you and you…. just…dance.

One of the reasons why School District 13 is the best is because we really care about what we do. Our haunted attraction was designed to take patrons out of their ordinary lives and transport them to another dimension. We offer theatrics, technology, and even a little therapy (sort of). Our festival supports the arts, music, and local young people. When you visit School District 13, you can feel good knowing that you’re supporting some of the most positive aspects of community.