This year we will be doing the First Annual Pre-Scare Party at the Old Brule School for people who are planning to volunteer for School District 13. The Pre-Scare is an important part of the haunted attraction because it gives new volunteers the opportunity to get oriented to the community and to get to know their fellow team-members for the year. Activities that take place at the Pre-Scare are a mix of education and fun. Volunteers are usually so giddy when they leave they can hardly wait for the haunted attraction to open the following week.

Prospective volunteers should bring a copy of their October schedule with them so that they can tell us when they can work for us and when they can’t. We’ll be working with make-up at the Pre-Scare so it might be wise to wear clothes that will be okay if they get stained.

To learn more about the Pre-Scare or to sign up for the event, call 308-289-1294 or email