Last year we offered three haunted attractions to patrons who rode from the entrance area near the Brule water tower into the middle of town on the Hay Rack Ride. After arriving at the Old School, patrons took the train through town to see houses that had been decorated for Halloween. Food and refreshments were available at the park shelter in the center of town along with some arts and crafts. Zombies would occasionally rise from the dead to haunt State Street, their eerie silhouettes casting long shadows beneath the amber street lights. None of this has changed, but we’ve added a few new things and amped up everything from last year to make it all just a little bit better.

One of the biggest new attractions this year at the School District 13 festival is G-RAVE. G-RAVE is a trance-dance attraction like nothing else you’ve ever seen in Western Nebraska. Using heavy fog, special effects, lighting, and a hard-hitting sound system, we’ve created a mind-altering dance experience that will blow your mind. Dancers must be wearing one or more clothing items that “light-up” because the only lighting inside are lasers, gobos, and other dancers. Costume lighting will be available at the event if you forget to purchase costume lighting before you arrive.

In 2014, our haunts were awesome, but in 2015 we’ve made them even better. Families with younger kids will be happy to know that we now have a “Kiddie Haunt” known as the Enchanted Forest. At the entrance, parents can purchase the Kid-Friendly Package and their child will receive a special treat bag for gathering treats from actors in the Kiddie Haunt. Young kids (typically age 10 and under) and their parents can ride the Hay Rack Ride, take the train tour to see the homes that have been decorated for Halloween in Brule, and visit the Kiddie Haunt all for only $5.00. Hot food, hot drinks, and homemade treats are available throughout town and other fun and kid-friendly activities like apple bobbing or craft projects may also be available depending on the night of your visit.

Adults will certainly enjoy the Bonus Haunt available only after 9:00 PM in the “Haunted Forest”. This Haunted Forest is in a wooded, outdoor setting that was once the site of the bus pick-up at the Old Brule School, a place currently haunted with the real spirits and entities of people who once waited on the bench there 100 years ago.

Cocoa, coffee, and other hot drinks will be available throughout town this year. Homemade sweets ‘n treats made by local bakers and culinary artists will be available at the ticket booth and at the park. Patrons will also be able to enjoy hot food and dinner before taking on the State Street ghosts and ghouls. During the festival, the entire town is haunted and at times swarming with the undead, although the darkest creatures don’t rise until after 9:00 PM (to keep things fun for young kids).

Groups of 10 or more individuals can receive a special discount by calling ahead (these rates won’t be available on-site when you arrive) Call 308-289-3099 to make reservations or for more information.