Every now and then, someone will ask us about the real ghosts that haunt Brule and especially the Old School. As patrons line up to walk the corridors of Wiggle’s Wood Shop or Dr. Doom’s Science Room, sometimes they’ll stop me to ask if there are any real spooks in there. I rarely have time to tell them all my stories but the short answer is, “Yes.”

While renovating the Old School, we’d often see people (who weren’t really there) out of the corners of our eyes. The school is haunted by a little girl who can occasionally be heard giggling, usually in the fall or around the time that school would normally let out for summer. It’s also haunted by a man wearing a white t-shirt. When the local librarian passed away, our doorbell rang four times as her funeral ended. The ringing mechanism for the doorbell was, at the time, located in the area that had once functioned as the old library.

Coincidence? Maybe. It’s easy to dismiss the paranormal activity until it becomes an obstacle and a frustration. Like when we’d planned to leave the school for a few weeks and five light-bulbs in different areas of the house burned out within an hour of each other, a shelf in our wood shop inexplicably fell, and a drop ceiling suddenly fell down on all sides of me as I was sitting at my computer.

And then there are the ghost-cats. The people who owned the Old School before us had 13 cats that were left mostly unattended in the school for a year, or at least that’s the story that we heard when we bought the building. It’s a believable story because gigantic Tupperware containers had been left throughout the building filled with cat poo. We raked cat fur out of the carpet in one room. There are rumors that a squirrel dragged the carcass of a cat out of the window of the old building when it was still abandoned, which may sound extreme if you didn’t see the inside of the school when we first started cleaning it out. Now, all that remains are the ghostly kitties that occasionally come out to play. We see the furry animals as mere glimpses that disappear suddenly when we look at them straight on.

There’s only one ghost in the building that’s angry and negative. This spirit seems to stay in the Wiggle’s Wood Shop area of the building primarily. But don’t be surprised if you see strange things out of the corner of your eyes even while you’re waiting in line to visit the haunted attractions.