Years ago, at Cornstalk, we used to have a haunt that passed through a barn. John and I had cleaned out the barn ourselves. We discovered strange drawings on the wall that had presumably been made by a young child. And, we encountered the barn ghost during that time too.

I didn’t really believe in the barn ghost until we recorded a voice saying “Help me,” very clearly one night on a video camera. Scare Actors would often walk down the stairs and push on a flap of black plastic that separated the costume and make-up area from the haunt and the black plastic would push back. The Scare Actors would wait, thinking someone was standing in their way at the bottom of the stairs, only to find that there was no one there.

The barn ghost did a lot of the scaring for us. People would get close to the barn on their way to the haunt and they’d start crying hysterically. Their group would try to pull them into the haunt, but they’d refuse to go. This never happened in any of our other haunts, except for Mr. Wiggle’s Wood Shop.

Mr. Wiggle’s is definitely one of the most haunted part of the Old School. This was once the cafeteria and before that, a part of the old gym. There’s a stairwell inside the school, in a sub-basement, that leads to “nowhere”; what used to be the entrance to the old gym, that’s since been filled in with cement. It’s hard to imagine people coming in to the school and walking down those stairs into a place that was certainly vibrant and alive when there were games down there. Now it’s just a dark hole.

Mr. Wiggle’s Wood Shop has an elevated Fear Factor perhaps because of the energy still left in that space. It’s easy to get lost in there, even for people who know their way. Though the ghosts that haunt the Wood Shop aren’t malicious like the barn ghost, plenty of people have reported strange experiences in there. The plastic shreds hanging in the corridors move for no apparent reason. There are strange noises and funny smells. Working in the haunt, people often report seeing things out of the corners of the eyes.