The Hay Rack Ride has always been a staple at our haunted attractions and School District 13 is no exception. There’s nothing more autumn-y than a Hay Rack Ride on a crisp evening in Nebraska. At School District 13, the Hay Rack Ride takes patrons from the ticket booth, to all of the attractions in town.

We’ve spent a lot of time working on creating the perfect ride for our patrons. Years ago, the trailer that we used for the hay rack was open and people actually rode on hay bales. But we nixed the hay bales because of brown recluse spiders. In 2006, I got bitten by one and after that, we built benches.

But even before benches, came walls to make the ride safer for groups of patrons. The walls allowed our patrons to look around, but not fall out. And to finish the experience, we added Captain Slappy.

Captain Slappy is a pirate and usually, he’s the one in charge of the hay rack. He’s a favorite among patrons, though other characters have occasionally taken charge of his ship. One year, (the year that the Star Wars movies came out) Lube Skystroller took the ship and even renamed it the Have2 Pee2. He’d take patrons to a haunt far-far-away, always suggesting that patrons use the restrooms first.

Another year, Rudolph the Red (pronounced Wudolph the Wed—he’s distantly related to Gandalph the Grey) drove the patrons around, but he wasn’t the best choice for the job. He had a bit of a speech impediment (he couldn’t pronounce his “R’s”) and what with the red the cloak and the walking stick with a skull on top (complete with a blinking nose), we found that his character actually scared people to the point that he was shunned and avoided (not the effect we were going for).

In 2015, the School District 13 Hay Rack Ride will disembark from the ticketing area to take patrons to the Prom Night Massacre (in the Community Hall), Mr. Wiggle’s Wood Shop, and Dr. Doom’s Science room (in the Old School). At the park, the ride will make a stop for patrons who’d like to take a quick break from the fear to have some food and look at the work of local artists. The Lost Soul Train Depot is also located in the park, another ride that’s had many iterations. But that’s another story.