Last year, a tom cat from the community decided to make the Old Brule School his home. We christened him “Boy Kitty” and expected for him to leave once the hustle and bustle of the festival was over to find better fare elsewhere. But he stayed on and this year, he approaches us everyday for food and water. He’s made his home in the garden and he and a playful indoor/outdoor white kitty fight over the pickings. Often, she wins.

The cats are always interested in the haunts. We’ve always had Scare Cats that reach out and grab at our patrons as they pass by. They must sense the playful nature of the haunt. Boy Kitty and all the other cats who have come and gone during our haunted house career, are always batting at someone.

The neighborhood kitties enjoy the Old School because of all the nooks and crannies, trees, and structures that they can climb and hide in. And we like having them around because they take care of mice and the patrons seem to enjoy them. When you visit this year, Boy Kitty will probably say hello sometime throughout the night.  He may try to sneak into our indoor Halloween haunted houses or he might bat at you from a high place. He’s a busy kitty, so we never know whether he’ll be available for scares or not. But if you feel something tugging at your pant leg as you go inside the school, it’s probably him.