jimWho is Jim Delahunty? By day, he’s saving lives as a 911 dispatcher in Ogallala, but by night…he’s designing sinister costumes, props, and make-up ideas for our haunts. Jim’s help at School District 13 has been essential in 2014 an in 2015. He’s got a creative spark that adds life to a number of nooks and crannies at School District 13. He’s spent countless hours this year creating crazy props, artful signs, and surprising costumes for us. It’s people like Jim who keep us motivated to do the haunted attraction year-after-year.

This year, Jim developed the concept for the Enchanted Forest Kiddie Haunt as well as the Haunted Forest. His creative genius inspired the nursery rhyme characters and the set which turns twisted after 9:00 PM when the Enchanted Forest Kiddie Haunt becomes the Haunted Forest, a much “Grimmer” version of the same set. The Enchanted Forest Kiddie Haunt and the Haunted Forest are the fourth haunted attraction at School District 13.

Last year, Jim was the Haunt Supervisor for the Prom Night Massacre Haunted Attraction in the Community Hall. His character was responsible not only for keeping the haunt clean (he played the role of “janitor”), but also for watching over the scare actors scattered throughout.

This year, Jim created masks for the event as well as a full-body costume, perhaps one of the strangest and most surprising that we have in the entire attraction. He created props and handed out flyers. Since he’s worked in commercial haunts in urban locations, he knows the drill. With people like Jim helping out before the festival opens, a lot of really difficult tasks become a lot easier and a lot more fun. And our patrons benefit from the input he brings to the table too.

You may not actually lay eyes on Jim at School District 13. He may be lurking in the shadows of one of our haunts or limping zombie-esque down the street after a frightened patron. He might be carrying a chainsaw, or pointing a mop at you with the crazed look of a killer. But on the inside, Jim’s really an artist. Functional in real-life, but still slightly insane, possessed by strange ideas, and willing to make them into reality in the name of controlled fear. He fits in well here at SD-13.