pumpkinA lot of people ask us which nights are the best for young kids (or teenagers) who want to patronize School District 13. If you have young kids as well as teenagers, you’ll have to decide based on your unique circumstances. But if you’re trying to make sure that you have a Halloween outing that’s a sure-fire hit, below are some tips to help you decide which night would be best.

For parents with young kids, we usually recommend visiting on a Thursday, Sunday, or Friday night. Obviously, Thursdays and Sundays are slower nights, but some parents don’t like doing school night outings. So in that case, we recommend Fridays because they’re often a bit slower due to the football games that are always going on this time of the year in surrounding communities. The slower traffic makes it easier for parents to take part in the various activities at SD 13 without feeling like they need to hurry.

For parents with teenagers, we recommend visiting on a Saturday night. Teenagers really enjoy mingling with peers and since Saturdays are the busiest, teenagers tend to have the most fun at this time. On the other hand, if you’re trying to keep dibs on your teen, consider visiting on a Thursday or a Sunday. You might actually get to spend some quality time with your teenager if you visit SD 13 on a night when there are typically fewer patrons.

But bring the kids. School District 13 was designed to be fun for all ages and we especially hope that young families will be able to have a good time at our event!