You’ve been to the haunted house in North Platte. You’ve visited the pumpkin patch and the North Platte corn maze at the Golden Spike Tower. But you’re looking for something more intense. You want an experience that really captures the essence of Halloween. You should go to School District 13.




Because School District 13 is the perfect mix of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. How is that even possible, you may wonder. Come and see. The whole town is haunted.


I’ve been to several of the haunted houses in North Platte and they do a good job. But I don’t want the people in bigger cities like North Platte and Sidney, NE to be confused about what we’re doing in Brule at School District 13. It’s different. When you enter our haunts, you’re entering a different state of mind. The experience is all encompassing because we prey on all your senses. The streets are crawling with creepy spooks of all different kinds. This is not Oktoberfest. It’s not the Golden Spike Tower corn maze! School District 13 is an interactive Halloween experience with FOUR haunted attractions in one place, a haunted bus ride, a haunted park, a haunted concession stand, and streets that are also haunted.


That’s why you should go.


Three years ago, I took a group of teenagers an hour west along I-80 to see the Jaycees Haunted House in Sidney, NE. When we got there, it wasn’t even open. We drove around town, asking around, trying to find out where it was until finally someone said, “Uh…I don’t think it’s open.” That was anti-climactic, let me tell you! And it’s unfortunate because people start to think that all haunted attractions in Nebraska operate this way. School District 13 is open for 8 nights in 2016. Every year, we advertise the nights when we’re open on our web site and patrons are invited to walk the streets of Brule with the ghosts and ghouls. It’s easy to find us. Take Exit 117 off I-80 and drive into town. That’s it. As soon as you park your car, the fun begins.


That’s why you should go.