School District 13 is like no other haunt in Nebraska or Colorado. In fact, School District 13 is the only one of its kind in entire country! We offer four different haunts in a tiny Nebraska town in the midst of corn fields and cows. But that’s not all. We haunt the whole town and we transport patrons by haunted bus to and from the various haunts.


There are a lot of haunted attractions in Nebraska. Scary Acres and Mystery Manor in Omaha are biggies in the eastern part of the state that patrons flock to in droves year-after-year. But in western Nebraska, there are fewer Halloween attractions designed for chills and thrills. Thankfully, the School District 13 Haunted Attraction is there to fill in the gaps between Omaha and Denver.


Each of our four haunted attractions are different from the others. There are two haunts inside the old school in Brule: Mr. Wiggle’s Wood Shop and Dr. Doom’s Science Room. Near the old school is an old bus stop, obscured and overgrown with trees where patrons can visit The Detention Fields, our only outdoor haunt. Down the street at the community hall is the Prom Night Massacre. Patrons can hop on Coach Slappy’s Haunted Bus at the Admissions Booth and ride to the various haunts throughout town. Or they can walk. Both methods of transportation offer an adventure. Stop in the park for some hot food and sweet treats, but beware of the undead.


We serve the entire western side of Nebraska and eastern Colorado. In 2015, patrons came from as far away as the Ukraine and South Africa. Patrons make the long-distance trek to Brule to see the eccentricities of a small town in the wheat belt as well as the cultural strangeness of our American Halloween traditions. We feature both simultaneously. What would it be like for a small town in the Bible Belt to be swarmed with zombies and vampires? Come check it out and see for yourself!


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