Here at School District 13, we’ve made a ton of changes for Halloween 2016. The haunts have been completely renovated and amped up, we created a Photo Forest filled with a multitude of opportunities for selfies and other shots. We’ve added “The Chicken Coop” where patrons can roast hot dogs and s’mores as well as buy sumptuous sweet treats (like boneless, skinless cinnamon rolls, for example), and we bought a tricked out, phantom bus, and an Emergency Monster Transport vehicle (an ambulance).

This year, we’ve been using the School District 13 Bus and Emergency Monster Transport vehicle for field trips. Today, we went on a field trip to Sutherland, NE where we put up a few flyers at places like CarQuest and the laundromat. On the field trip, we learned that Sutherland is a remarkably friendly place. In fact, all of us commented on the friendliness and we wondered about it:

What’s going on in Sutherland that all the people there are so friendly and welcoming? (Is it something in the water?)

Sutherland residents should keep an eye out for our ads in the Sutherland Courier once our opening date gets closer. It’s possible that we’ll end up on another field trip to Sutherland sometime soon. Listen to HuskerRadio to find out where our field trips are happening each day. Sutherland residents who see the School District 13 Haunted Attraction Bus should come over and say hello for a special discount coupon.