North Platte, NE is a great place for a field trip so we made it a priority to take the School District 13 haunted bus to a few must-see locations in the city. Top on the list of sites where we stopped on this particular haunted field trip was HuskerRadio, Godfather’s Pizza, and the Goodwill thrift shop.

On our trip, we ran into some super-friendly people at the North Platte Goodwill. This was a big stop for us, as a haunted attraction, because they sell some pretty awesome, yet affordable Halloween costumes. We gave coupons to everyone at the store as we were checking out, which was only fair since we gummed up one check-out lane with three carts full of costumes, creepy bling, and Halloween gear. On the way out the door, several customers offered to help us push our carts out the door to the bus, which was nice.

Godfathers Pizza - North Platte, NE

Godfathers Pizza – North Platte, NE

We put flyers at Godfather’s Pizza where two gentlemen offered some supportive comments in favor of haunted attractions near North Platte. That’s always nice to hear, of course. So we decided that Godfather’s was a good place for people to do a field trip.

Our last stop was downtown in North Platte. We parked in the old Alco parking lot and visited Ace Hardware to put up flyers where a young dark-haired man asked us, “But is it actually good?” We’ve been hearing a lot about some of the “cheesy haunts” in the area where the scare factor is a little low, so I wasn’t surprised by the question. It’s really hard to make everyone happy at a haunted attraction, but we’ve worked really hard to make School District 13 kid-friendly AND scary at the same time. I told the dark-haired fellow that, “Yes, it’s good. The town is like The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, but the haunts are more like a Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th.” We’ve been successful at making our haunted attraction kid-friendly and scary at the same time by haunting the streets with screwy, rather than scary characters and haunting the haunts with characters who know how to push adult limits on fear.

Before we left town, we stopped at HuskerRadio to say “hi” to our friends there and talk with them about letting people know about our field trips across Nebraska during the countdown to the School District 13 Haunted Attraction. They promised to help us get the word out to people in the communities they serve by alerting residents to our presence. Anyone who approaches us at the School District 13 bus in their community can (if they’re friendly) get a special discount coupon while we’re there. Coupons are limited and we’re only giving them out directly person-to-person while we’re on the road.

Our time in North Platte was fun. We plastered the city with flyers, but all of us agreed that we’ll need to go back again. Be sure to listen to HuskerRadio to find out where we’ll be next. Come up and say “hi” to us and we’ll give you a coupon!