Ogallala was a fun field trip for us because it’s so close to home. Our haunted attraction is only a few minutes away from Ogallala and a lot of people there have already been to our event and support it. That makes it a lot of fun to hit the streets and start talking to people in the community. I imagine we’ll be doing a lot of field trips to Ogallala with the School District 13 bus.

We got a few thumbs ups on our new Emergency Monster Transport unit (an ambulance). A lot of people told us that they’d been to the haunted attraction in Brule in 2015. And a lot of people told us that they’d “just been talking about us” and wondering if the event was still going to be going on this year. Indeed, it is.

Everyone should go.

We put out flyers downtown and talked to the folks at Repeat Boutique, Hoke’s Books, and Edward Jones, to name just a few. I especially liked the little dog who greeted me at the door with the bow in its hair at the Repeat Boutique.

The big School District 13 Haunted Attraction bus can be hard to maneuver in tight places so we tend to park far away from the entrance to places in big parking lots and then hoof it to our destination, wherever that might be. I encountered a friendly dark-haired girl in Customer Service at Walmart who was really enthusiastic about Halloween and all things that are haunted. She spent quite a bit of time searching for the items I’d ordered (for the haunted attraction, of course). She was pumped about School District 13, having never heard of it before so I gave her a coupon just for being so upbeat and friendly.

Also at Walmart, we met a woman who was schooled as a chef who told us she’d worked at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO where ghosts would tie her shoes together on the fourth floor (the Stanley Hotel is one of the most haunted places in America). She also, had never heard of School District 13 Haunted Attraction. So we gave her a coupon. And since we’re also on the lookout for people who would like to open a restaurant in the cool town of Brule, we tried to sell her on the idea. Growing the community is part of our mission for Brule.

We’ll be returning to Ogallala often for field trips so people who’d like a special discount coupon to School District 13 Haunted Attraction in Brule should listen to HuskerRadio to find out when we’re planning to be in town.