Hershey was a short pit stop for us on our field trip to North Platte, but we put up a few flyers in town and handed out a few coupons to some friendly people in town. We put up flyers at the grocery store and at the bar before we had to move on. Both of those places had bulletin boards, which was nice because frankly, it’s easier to hang up flyers when there are stick pins available (as opposed to tape). We left a few small, orange individually-sized flyers at these two locations to anyone who’d like to put a small haunted attraction reminder on their refrigerator.

Hershey is on the list of places we hope to return to with the bus this season before we open up the haunted houses in Brule. Listen to HuskerRadio to find out where we are with the bus and come visit us for a special discount coupon next time we visit your community!