At School District 13 Haunted Attraction, we offer FIVE haunts in one location! And each haunt is COMPLETELY different from the others! In this article, we’ll describe each of the haunts and what kind of experience you can expect from each one.

The corn field maze, of course offers its own special breed of fear. This is a NEW haunt in 2016. You can expect, rustling stalks of corn. Confusing paths. Scary things coming out of the darkness…stuff like that. Going on a trek through a field of corn in the dark is an iconic autumn experience. Corn Field Maze patrons get to ride to the haunt on the Hay Rack Ride.

The Prom Night Massacre is located at the Community Hall in Brule. Some horrible things have gone on inside this haunt and there are only a few survivors. It’s a typical prom in many ways. Prom Night is an edgy haunt (pun intended) that may surprise patrons at the end. We offer up some gory entrees at the Prom Night Banquet…patrons should be leary of becoming one of them.

The Detention Fields are located near the school where the old bus pick up used to be. Now it’s a place where some of the most troubled and rebellious School District 13 students hang out and…do whatever they do in the trees. There’s something else going on out there in The Detention Fields but if you venture in to find out what, you may not ever come back.

The students in Dr. Doom’s Science Room inside the old school building have a lot to worry about…it’s the stuff that phobias are made of. Some experiments on a classroom pet have gone terribly awry. The results have swarmed out of control.
Mr. Wiggle’s Wood Shop is an exercise in darkness, confusion, and gore. The corridors are narrow and there’s something shocking around every corner. Wiggle’s is located in the lower level of the old school building.

Everyone who buys a haunt package gets to ride the haunted bus around town, go tot he park, and take the Lost Soul Train on a tour of the community. The Corn Field Maze can only be purchased along with another haunt package, but those who buy the Corn Maze Upgrade also get to ride the Hay Rack Ride too.