People have been asking for it and this year we’re finally going to give it to them! The NEW haunted Corn Field Maze took shape over the past ten days. Is it confusing? Yes. Is it dark in there? Very. And what’s in there? No one knows exactly, but it has to do with the Vo-Ag class and something horrible that the students were exposed to on an FFA trip.

To add to the fear-and-fun-factor of the Corn Field Maze, patrons will get to ride the Hay Rack Ride to the site (as opposed to the Haunted Bus, which takes patrons to all the other haunts in town). if you’re one of the brave souls who’d like to go in and see what’s going on inside the maze, you’ll have to buy one of the regular haunt passes first (the Dead Man’s Pass, Freak’s Pass, Coward’s Pass, or Poor Man’s Pass) and then upgrade to the Corn Field Maze since the maze is an add-on haunt.

There’s a full night of fear awaiting anyone who ventures to the haunted attraction in Brule. With five haunts in one location, each one COMPLETELY different from the next, there’s something for absolutely everyone!