Are you traveling to the United States from another country? Are you planning to travel in October? If so, you’re in luck because chances are, if you’re in the United States in October you’ll be able to see some of the most unique cultural events that take place here: Haunted Houses!


Every year at School District 13 Haunted Attraction in Brule, NE, we have visitors from other countries who come to see how Americans celebrate Halloween. On our last trip to Japan in September 2016, we were surprised by how many Halloween costumes there were in women’s accessories stores in Tokyo. Obviously, the Japanese have some curiousity about our strange Halloween custums and who could blame them? If I were from a different country outside of the United States, I would have a hard time understanding things like Halloween and haunted houses too. What are they? Why do Americans go to great lengths to build convoluted hallways that lead to heinous scenes of blood and gore? It is a strange custom…one that was actually inspired by the Christian religion (and is also ironically looked down upon by it). Halloween is all about paradox. Who wouldn’t be curious about it?


One of the reasons why I get excited about the prospect of foreign tourists visiting School District 13 is because not only do they get to experience Halloween as a cultural event, but also rural living at the same time. Last year, as I pulled out of the parking area near our entrance ticket booth in the Emergency Monster Transport vehicle (an old ambulance), a combine was harvesting corn, creeping slowly into the night with its headlights casting a dim yellow light ahead. Combines and corn are mundane to the people who live in Brule and Ogallala, but to people who live in places like Brazil or India, corn harvest, cow culture, and an American farming community is fascinating. Add Halloween to the mix and the whole package becomes intoxicating.


The Halloween USA experience is something no one should miss and School District 13 in Brule is the perfect place to get a glimpse of rural life in America along with a strong dose of Halloween. Our small town and haunt is an easy drive 3 hours east of Denver along I-76. Come join us!!! Even foreigners fit into the normally rigid and rule-oriented rural environment during our Halloween celebrations! It doesn’t matter if you’re Ukrainian or South African…School District 13 Haunted Attraction is a great place to see small town living as well as Halloween in the United States up close.